Carpet Cleaning:

We specialize in steam cleaning carpet, also known as hot water extraction. We find it the most effective way to remove soil and stains from carpet. We carry out our process in three steps. First we pre treat and spot the carpet. Next we scrub all traffic areas and trouble spots. The final step is a rinse and extraction to leave your carpets fresh and clean.


Upholstery Cleaning:

Steam cleaning is again our method of choice here. And our process is the same as with cleaning carpet. After treating the upholstery its agitated and scrubbed with a hand brush to loosen up the soil before we rinse and extract.



Stain Removal

Stain Removal:

Some stubborn stains call for special attention. We’re ready for em! We can remove most paint, makeup and cosmetics, red wine and other drink spills.



Pet Stain


Pet Stain Treatment:

Even the most well behaved pets have accidents and get sick from time to time. With our pet stain treatment we use products specifically designed to treat both the color and the odor associated with the stain.



Pet Odor

Pet Odor Treatment:

Whether your carpets and furniture needs to be freshened up, or there is a severe odor issue that you need tackled, we can have the right stuff for the job.



white sofa

Dry Cleaning:

If your upholstery is dry clean only (often the case with white fabrics) , we’ve got you covered. Also dry cleaning is an option for carpet cleaning when drying time is a major factor.




Tile and Grout Cleaning:

So you don’t scrubbing floors on your hands and knees isn’t your thing? No worries! We’ve got the right tools and products to bring that floor back to life!



Water Extraction

Emergency Water Extraction:

We get it, things happen. Pipes burst, bath tubs over flow, hot water tanks go out… call us, and we’ll have that water up for you ASAP.




Green Cleaning:

Looking for an All Natural solution that’s Fragrance Free for your home? Well, we’ve got one!