How long will it take my carpets to dry?

Drying time varies depending on conditions. How soiled is the carpet? Is there air circulating in the home? What’s the humidity like today? Drying time can be as little as 2 to 4 hours. While some areas that require extra attention can take up to 24 hours.

How long until I can walk on my carpet after it's been cleaned?

It’s okay to walk on your carpet even as we clean it. We suggest having something to wipe your shoes on before stepping on to the carpets. If you don’t have a mat, an old towel or sheet works great. Because the carpets will be damp, we do not recommend walking on them with just your socks.

Will you be able to get out all of the stains?

Our process is designed to remove as much soil from the carpet as possible. Because of the quality of the products we use, we're used to seeing great improvement in many of the stains we treat. Yet, some stains actually change the color of the carpet. And while some stains (such as juice spills) may be dye released, others may be permanent depending on what it is and how the stain was previously treated.